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Jack Winn

Jack has been painting and assembling found object sculpture for over thirty years. The work is inspired by his life long journey studying the cosmos and more recently theories in quantum dynamics. Time, ancient sites and artifacts on the planet, discoveries about the world around us and their effects upon our collective consciousness all drive the creativity behind his art.

Observing that the work was neither abstract or reality based, not landscape or still life, Winn calls his paintings Structural Impressionism. The need for a new category to define the work of the 21st century became apparent to the artist as he was representing hypothetical concepts. How can one paint time? A work trying to objectify such an abstract must fall under a new definition. Art for the 21st century must challenge the viewer and send them on a path of personal discovery.

"Winn really knows what he is doing with a paintbrush." Juxtapoz magazine



Jack Winn Studio